Pitching Tents On Public Land Is Now A Felony In Tennessee


According to the news that I have been reading, if a homeless person pitches a tent on Public Lands in the state of Tennessee, then that person can face felonly charges that can get him or her imprisoned for Six years or cost a Three Thousand Dollar Fine.

Some of the homeless people facing this draconian potential are saying that the government is on a campaign to make survival impossible for the homeless …. others see it as a first step toward putting all the homeless people into internment camps — or worse.

I can see the government’s point because if you have ever been in an area rife with homelessness, you already know the amounts of garbage, trash and litter they have been known to discard and leave behind, turning originally fairly pristine areas into common dumps.

On the other hand, a person has to wonder how the problems…

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9 thoughts on “Pitching Tents On Public Land Is Now A Felony In Tennessee

  1. Gee, Eric, I am positively thrilled that you reblogged something that I wrote. Thank you so very much! I am wondering, sometimes, if anybody at all (Except for about Three close friends) ever pays attention to my blog at all … and now you pay me this exceptional honor …I am so grateful to you … Thank you again. You have noticed that you are on my recommended blogs list, aren’t you .. on the front page of Liming’s Links? Damn, you made my day!!

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  2. I wonder if this is just an opening to tents on private land, camping, RV living; also if there was a war on drugs maybe we wouldn’t have so many homeless, maybe if there was more Americans then foreigners working in America factories we wouldn’t have so many homeless. Thanks Eric for sharing this article 😊

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  3. A lot of Americans are too good to work at anything. I have been there and seen that. They want the big paychecks and the days off, but they hate the idea of working … and will usually do no more than they can get away with …always complaining about how ” This company don’t care about us.” Always wanting more pay for less work …that is why the companies are hiring the foreigners …. the foreigners aren’t afraid of a little hard work.


    1. I don’t how true that is, or is it just some media bs, my two oldest grandchildren work (18 and 23) and most of their friends, I will say this on wanting more money, I made more money in 1996 then in 2019, because the influx of foreigners have lowered wages.

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      1. That is true, the influx of foreigners have lowered wages …they do present unfair competition … yes that it all true …but I worked in a big unnion for 7 years and they destroyed their own jobs through wanting 40 hours pay for 30 hours work and other such excesses.

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