How the Scourge of Israeli Apartheid Ruthlessness Operates

The Stephen Lendman Blog

State terror is longstanding Israeli policy against Palestinians for being Arabs, not Jews, and anyone challenging the scourge of Israeli apartheid ruthlessness.

Hegemon USA is the world’s leading practitioner of state terror by far.

Yet pound for pound, Israel owns the dubious distinction, a nation hostile to peace, equity and justice in pursuit of its land-grabbing aims for exclusive Jewish development.

Its latest state terror against long-suffering Gazans under blockade murdered 47 Palestinians (the updated toll), including 16 children — injuring over 300 others, many seriously, and destroying or badly damaging around 1,500 dwellings, leaving their residents homeless and destitute.

On Sunday a few hours before ceasefire ended IDF terror-bombing of Gazan residential areas, 8 Palestinian children were killed in two attacks moments apart.

Three children aged 9 – 13 and their father, Yasser Nabahin, were killed at home in the al-Bureij refugee camp.

Five others aged-4 -17 in the…

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