Defining the Balkans

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Balkans are a very popular term for what is also known as the Southeastern Europe. The name comes from the Balkan Mountains which are located on the peninsula. But what, exactly, constitutes the Balkans?

First possibility of the definition is purely geographical. In this case, the Balkans peninsula is usually defined by the line drawn from Trieste to Odessa, as shown below.

Under this definition, Croatia, BiH, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia and Greece would be wholly or predominantly located on the Balkan Peninsula (red line). Yet the technical definition of a peninsula actually precludes this. Peninsula is “an area of land almost completely surrounded by water except for an isthmus connecting it with the mainland”. Under this definition, only Greece and southern Albania would actually be located on the Balkans peninsula (blue line). Using the first definition would actually mean that Balkans are not a peninsula, since…

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