Climate Cult Set to Spike Victims of Climate Policy

Science Matters

The quote is updated with one additional word. Unfortunately, we have today no statesman who is so truthful.

Tyler Durden explains at his zerohedge article The Climate Cult is Eager to Take Advantage of Europe’s Energy Crisis.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds and added images.

The climate cult never sleeps, and when they see nations in crisis they are always quick to try to exploit the situation by misrepresenting the root problem.  

A heat wave is currently hitting Europe along with wild fires and the mainstream media is beating the global warming drum hard.  This is nothing new; every time the weather gets hot they cry “climate change!”  Every time the weather is extra cold they once again cry “climate change!”  The evidence?  What about the “record heat” in parts of UK, Spain and Portugal?  This is surely proof that the weather is being ruined by…

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