17 thoughts on “87,000 new IRS agents

      1. There are PLENTY of history books you can read on this era. I am always reading. For whatever reason, I love this genre, and am always reading stuff pertaining to it. I just finished reading about the French resistance to the Nazis. It was called “Miss Dior”, and it is the true story of Christian Dior, the fashion icon, and his sister, Catherine, during WWII. My dad has raised me to be a history buff on this era and genre. The Nazis and the Gestapo were out to eliminate ANYONE who disagreed with their beliefs and their “vision” of how they thought the world should be, by any means possible, under whatever guise they felt would work, Very similar to what is happening today, not just here in the United States, but all over the world. They have their “Global Reset” they are trying to push all over the world, and anyone that resists is being persecuted. The Nazis were just out to eliminate the Jews. They killed Catholics, priests, gypsies, anyone who was mentally or physically “unfit, dissidents, and anyone else who was NOT part of the “pure Aryan” blood.


      2. I disagree, the reason for that is my 84 yr old dad is German and has family still in Germany and my grandpa taught us about the evils of communism and how these jews have lied about death camps and gas chambers, he also taught us about the Eisenhower Rhine Camps, the bombing of Dresden and how his grandfather left Germany because of the persecution of Christians under the Weimar Republic. Look up Ernest Zundel.

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      3. Well, no disrespect to your grandfather, but I have been to the death camp at Dachau. There are 10000’s upon 1000’s of books out there that dispell what your grandfather is saying. My dad fought in North Africa with the Australian Army in WWII. Like it said, there is a ton of history out there that tells about ALL the atrocities of the Nazi party and Hitler’s Germany. We will just have to agree to disagree. I only hope this particular history DOES NOT come back to repeat itself and bite us in the ass. Good luck. You might want to learn some history about Dachau, Ravensbrook, Bergen-Beslon, Aushwitz, Buchenwald, and so many more. These death camos were all over Germany and Poland.


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