Israel Lobby Using Republican Money For Democratic Races

Banned Hipster

Trump’s biggest donor Sheldon Adelson is gone but his wife is funneling his billions into Democratic races now.

And AIPAC, the unregistered lobby for the foreign government in Israel, isn’t trying to convince the American public on their issue, as American’s don’t care.

Instead, self-identified ‘Zionist Jews’ with American passports are lobbying individual politicians behind the scenes, offering millions of dollars in campaign contributions in return for transferring American’s tax money to the foreign government occupying Palestine.

All on the ‘down low’ so the voters won’t know what is going on, and the self-identified ‘Zionist Jews’ in the media, AP, CBS, ABC, Fox, NYT, are helping them cover it up.

They are raising money from Republicans and spending it on Democrats. Parties do not matter to Zionists, neither does citizenship.

For Zionist Jews, it is Israel First, America Never.

But now that the super PAC is active, raising over $27…

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