They’ve Ruined Science for the Rest of Us

Excellent essay

The Neo-Ciceronian Times

If there’s one thing we’ve heard a lot about recently, it’s “science.” Science has become the new measure by which everything in the post-modern West is judged and this has especially been the case over the last couple of years. It’s become a fetish for millions of midwits who don’t even know what it actually is. Yet, what we’re really seeing is the replacement of science with SCIENCE! (midwits don’t understand the difference but I’m sure the discerning reader does), something which is going to continue to lead to terrible public policymaking, as well as an overall destruction of science’s potential for good in our society when properly used.

Keep in mind, I’m generally friendly towards science. In fact, until a couple of years ago I was a scientist in Big Pharma, something which I voluntarily left after two decades only because of a radical change in life direction. I…

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