World Commerce Corporation & Developing Jamaica

Reciprocal Contradiction

In the latest Pseudcast episode, we tackled the World Commerce Corporation (WCC), a mysterious entity defined as a “commercially-oriented espionage net” by its founder, OSS man William Donovan. With deep ties to American and British services, the WCC operated as something like an invisible cartel, working obliquely in a variety of fields across the world. Oil deals in the Gulf of Mexico, asbestos mining in Venezuela, tourist development in Spain, the chili pepper trade, the soybean trade, selling off surplus military aircraft to the KMT, the development of the Thai silk trade in the postwar era, so on and so forth. Our argument was that the WCC emerged from a generalized tendency towards trusts and cartel that brought together formerly-competitive institutions together in order to coordinate activities and set precises – and a more specific historical tendency, snaking through shadowy corporations like the Empire Trust Company and the American International…

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