Ukraine bombed a Donetsk hotel full of journalists – here’s what it felt like to be there

In Gaza

Another attack from Kiev has hit central Donetsk, targeting a funeral and a hotel where numerous reporters stay and work

Photo: Eva K Bartlett

Aug 4, 2022, (*blog version longer than originally published at RT)

-Eva K Bartlett

At 10:13 am Thursday, Ukraine began shelling central Donetsk. There werefive powerful blasts in the space of ten minutes. The last explosion blew out my hotel’s ground-floor glass, including a sitting room – where journalists often congregate before and after going out to do field reporting, and where until less than ten minutes prior, I’d been sitting working on my laptop – and the lobby, which I had passed through a minute earlier. A cameraman’s assistant who was there at the time of that fifth explosion suffered a concussion from the force of the blast.

A woman walking outside the building was killed, as were at least four others…

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One thought on “Ukraine bombed a Donetsk hotel full of journalists – here’s what it felt like to be there

  1. RT of course… Always truthful & without any ulterior motives whatsoever…

    Here is something you won’t see on RT let alone anywhere else certainly not the U.S. MSM outlets either…

    I am not going to say there not been civilian causalities inflicted by both sides amidst this conflict but that being said my bread is not buttered on Russian rye!

    You think this is isolated behavior? This has been indicative of Russian brutality since 80+ years ago, they did similar if not worse to Germans in the last world war…


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