Regnat Populus

The American Citadel

America is different from every other nation under the sun for a multitude of reasons. We are exceptional, special, and unique. This is not pride speaking; it is fact. One of the ways we are different is that in America the People are sovereign. In other words, regnat populus – the People rule.

Many nations have paid lip service to the idea of the People ruling. In ancient Greece, democracy was a cherished value. Unfortunately, democracy is also one of the most corrupt, unstable, and volatile systems ever devised. In this system, the People rule, but with no regard for law, morality, or fundamental rights.

In America, however, even the democratic notion of the People ruling is unique. Though the People in fact rule, the law is king. The People merely recognized the superseding rule of natural law. This is what the Declaration of Independence stated in clear terms when…

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