Elites Escalate War Upon the Middle Class

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After 19 months of Biden administration, we can see clearly the shape of tactics for making war on the middle class.  The World Bank has come to see personal transportation as key for individuals to overcome poverty by accessing opportunities for work, education and services outside their birthplaces.  So choking off supplies of gasoline (in the name of climate change) keeps the serfs in their place.  The rising underclass is most vulnerable in their transition to financial stability, so policies wreaking inflation take away the middle class dream.  Of course guns must be confiscated lest there be any effective resistance to governmental coercion.  Those who are outspoken against the elite narrative, and who protest injustice against ordinary citizens, must themselves be imprisoned without any of their entitled legal protections.  And the nation is flooded with illegal aliens to drive down the working class income, and to create a permanent underclass…

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3 thoughts on “Elites Escalate War Upon the Middle Class

  1. You want the best type of Democracy? You won’t find in North America, let alone the rest of the world.

    Save within Switzerland which has a very direct & transparent from of democracy “Landsgemeinde”, they have zero poor demographically & their middle-class community would be elite “financially” by everyone else’s standards, they have referendums of many aspects of society twelve times a year every citizen has a say on every single bill, initiating projects big or small.

    Germany has (foolishly) downsized Nuclear energy infrastructure which impacts the present central European energy crisis whereas Switzerland is fully independent of the EU energy grid & plans to expand its own Fission energy capabilities by 2025, every Swissman’s family has a survival bunker (not a hole in the ground) in the event a catastrophic disaster which could affect the continent, the Swiss want to be certain they will come out atop of the situation.

    This model only works within small, homogeneous & cohesive cultural societies albeit Switzerland is a crossroads between French (Frankish/Luxembourgish), German & Italian (Northern) what matters is European cohesion along those lines.

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