Classical Music CRT Comes to the College Music Departments

They want drill music to replace the symphony

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Classical Music CRT Comes For Mozart

Racially obsessed Arizona State professor has a radical axe as her instrument.

In a lengthy attack on Brahms Beethoven and Stravinsky by Dr. Joyce McCall, we discover that “wokeness” has arrived at the music department of a major college music department.

A professorial devotee ofcritical race theory(CRT) as it pertains to the teaching of music in higher education is doubling down on her highly personal struggle against the systemic oppressiveness of Beethoven and Mozart.

One of the telling signs of racism in college music departments is expecting students to know how to read sheet music, the professor explained, highlighting how classical music CRT aims to destroy foundational principles. “Notes aren’t racist. A [quaver], a [semibreve], they aren’t racist, but it’s how we use those things,” McCall asserted. “We weaponize Western notation to keep some people out, and to welcome others in. Because…

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