Biden economic policy: raise taxes, increase inflation, go further into debt


I decided to do a round-up of articles from a variety of conservative news sources showing the effects of Biden economic policy. I hope everyone is making plans to deal with the coming catastrophe. It is a mistake to elect people who are focused on global warming, same-sex marriage, and gr00ming children for the benefit of their pedo constituents.  We really need to vote them out in 2022.

First, Daily Wire reports on a study that shows the likely effects of Biden’s Increase Inflation Act:

The Democrat-supported “Inflation Reduction Act of 2022” could lead to a slight increase in inflation over the next two years if it’s passed and signed into law, according to a Penn Wharton study released Friday.

[…]The Democrat spending package… would be the largest legislative climate investment the U.S. has ever made at $369 billion. The bill would also raise taxes on billion-dollar businesses and extend Affordable…

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One thought on “Biden economic policy: raise taxes, increase inflation, go further into debt

  1. Sadly Americans are run by ziochildkillPaleo-tribe-warmongite simply a President doing little but ending aid t ziochildkillPaleo and limiting defence spending to 0.5 % GDP and spending on mass transit and ending the vast rip offs on injured in roads > Eisenhower killed million see book other loses which means Dems could push back carbon by the injured labour rip offs sadly unless billionaires & their mangers & other advocated are tortured for cash globally system of politcs is failure as > fight poor is pure evil as austerity to fund wars Canada killed 100 000 10 years early death vs 4 000 soldier suicides & 178 died killing Afghan & Libyan youth >niger shoot plus 1 700 disabled youth killers but the rich where plunder is vast are untouched by war crimes Canada USA Inc yet Rome is so evil for some crucifixion and Jesus crucified And rose.


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