US Can No Longer Act With Impunity (or Threats)

Not Something Else

It must be particularly irksome to US authorities to now realise that they are no longer the scary monster they once were to the world’s peoples. When the US makes demands, threats, or even basic expectations of cooperation in recent days, there is no reciprocal jumping to attention by those who may once have feared or may not have possessed the means or capabilities to deny such approaches, to act/react in the same way they may previously have done. And the US can no longer, with impunity, take unilateral action to impose their will – otherwise Julian Assange, to give just one example. would already be rotting in a US jail.

And so it is, that when US citizens behave badly in most parts of the world (this is of course not yet a universal premise) they can expect to receive appropriate justice meted for their actions, without any expectation…

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