#ThinkBeforeSharing: Globalist elites bravely unite to tell you that they don’t control the world [Agenda 21 / 2030]

hahahaha incredible


1. Introduction
2. What is a conspiracy theory?
3. Trust The Experts
4. “Anti-Semitism”
5. Political implications

1. Introduction

Globalist elites have bravely united to tell the unwashed masses that the world is not being “manipulated behind the scenes by powerful forces with negative intent” and that “no one is to blame.” To blame for what? They don’t specify. A very convincing argument!

The United Nations has teamed up with Twitter, the World Jewish Congress, and the European Union’s executive commission to “stop the spread” of “dangerous” conspiracy theories. (Criticism of rootless plutocrats is the real virus). Why are so-called conspiracy theories “dangerous”? Because they “spread mistrust in public institutions” and “identify an enemy […] that threatens peoples’ lives or beliefs” which can “spark a defense mechanism.” Trust the system. We would never lie to you. Please don’t kick us out of power, we’re your friends!

The ThinkBeforeSharing…

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