Europe Has Lost The Energy War


Is Russia weaponising the flow of gas in its tug of war with Europe? Of course it is. But Europeans started this game.

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Authored by Thomas Fazi via,

After a decade of financial austerity, is Europe now on the brink of a new age of energy austerity?The city of Hanover has recently introducedstrict energy-saving rulesthat include cutting off the hot water in public buildings, swimming pools, sports halls and gyms, banning mobile air conditioners, fan heaters or radiators, switching off public fountains, and stopping illuminating major buildings such as the town hall at night.

Meanwhile,several countries across Europe are consideringdimmingorswitching off public lights, and even adopting“energy curfews”,with early closures for businesses and public offices. And more drastic measures are under consideration —including gas rationingfor energy-intensive industries such as steel and agriculture.


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