ESG Scoring Drives Companies Into Sustainable Development, Aka Technocracy


Technocracy News & Trends – Mar 03 2022

Posted By: Patrick Wood March 3, 2022

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ESG stands for “Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance” and has been likened to a globalized Social Credit Scoring system for business. If you have a high ESG score, it will be easy to qualify for credit, to get the best deals with vendors and to participate in the global supply chain.

Alas, if you don’t have a high ESG score, you won’t be in business long unless you change your behavior and knuckle under to its demands.

So, how is ESG determined and who sets the rules and guidelines?

First, ESG has nothing to do with the physical aspects of a company, like capital, cash flow or profit. Rather, it concerns intangible factors such as how closely you, your vendors and customers adhere to Sustainable Development and climate change policies.

According to

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