Celebrities Normalizing Bug Consumption


Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Aug 3, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

In myinterview with Maria Zeee, you may have heard us mention the propaganda efforts to make eating bugs seem normal. In 2018, actress Nicole Kidman made a video for Vanity Fair in which she eats “micro livestock” from a fancy silver platter. This is an insult to the people of food-deprived nations who are forced to eat bugs to survive. Notice how she uses chopsticks, a nod to some Asian cultures where this practice is not seen as abnormal.Numerous celebritieshave stated that they incorporate bugs into their diets.

Canada has already begun to build an“alternative protein manufacturing facility”where they will farm crickets for human consumption. This is completely in line with Schwab’s agenda to reduce emissions (blame the livestock and not the factories) and control the world population. There is a reason that…

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