The Mirror Line: Another proof it’s all been planned


Look in the mirror… what do you see? The face of an angel?Or the devil?

The Prince who wants to be a Pharaoh!

Get this…. These people have had it all planned. Well you knew that, didn’t you?

“To feed people, vegetables will be “autonomously harvested and bundled” and moved into “community canteens” and “co-living kitchens,” the documents show. Residents will pay a subscription to be served breakfast, lunch and dinner.” (NOTE: Not a word about meat)

i.e. You’ll own nothing and be happy! In your well defined face!

And for the flat earthers amongst us….

“The development also faces one challenge unique among construction worldwide: the curvature of the Earth.

Because the earth arches about 8 inches per mile, the documents say, designers propose leaving a gap at the top of the 2,600-foot modules to “bend” the structures around the world.”

The full article….

It’s all just one…

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