The Old Inheritance

Is it true that people in Western, that is, European-descent populations, really loathe themselves as media tropes have it? I’ve never been convinced, just based on the say-so of journos or psychologists pushing a politically correct agenda. Yet this idea persists and is the subject of a good article at the Cultural Action Party of Canada. The idea is being put forth by Conrad Black, a Canadian Historian who has been providing commentary in The Iconoclast as well as other Canadian media on the recent American election.

In a National Post article dated December 27th, 2020, Conrad Black has this to say:

To some extent the general Canadian ‘systemic racism’ self-flagellationin this country is our very own Canadian replication of American phenomena.”

Although the United States as a source for this social condition is not something we consider essential,  Mr. Black’s “systemic racism self-flagellation” component is.”

Brad Salzberg

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