Why Is Communism Idolized

Political Reactionary

Communism is one of, if not the, most evil ideologies in history of mankind. In terms of raw numbers, it is responsible for more deaths than any other political ideology in history. Atlantic slave trade killed some 10 million people, Nazism between 17 and 30 million. Communism killed 100 million people, and very intentionally so – Holodmor for example was not a mistake, but a directed genocide.

Yet one would not think so from how it is treated. West is still continually self-flagellating for horrors of Nazism, but horrors of Communism are given a free pass. People speak of de-Nazification, but nobody ever mentions the necessary de-Communization, despite Communism and similar ideologies being widespread in universities and academia. Ninety-year-old Nazis are being hunted for their crimes, yet Communist murderers walk free.

Worse, many people still idolize it. Millenials wear T-shirts with images of brutal Communist murderers such as Che…

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