Natural Immunity for Dummies — COVID Version

World Affairs

Thanks to the mainstream media and our healthcare professionals, very few people understand some basic facts about the human immune system. In general, the misconceptions include thinking of our body as a dumb and helpless machine that needs help from doctors and drugs to fight off bacteria and viruses.

We don’t appreciate the amazingly efficient and complex immune system that protects us from all kinds of pathogens and even cancer/tumor cells every moment of every day.

Did you know that your body can make trillions of antibodies??? In fact, recent studies estimate that your body can make 1 million-trillion different kinds of antibodies. Thus, theoretically, we can fight off any monstrous bacteria or virus! So, why are so many people unable to fight off COVID or even flu and common cold?

Well, it’s because a lot of people have not-so-perfect immune system due to reasons such as poor diet, stress…

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