Monkey Pox: Americans Get Timely Reminder on How to Act American

The Most Revolutionary Act

Monkeypox Vaccine Should Be Given to Gay Community First, Experts Say ...
Political Moonshine

A lucky America with a second chance has just received a timely reminder and example on how to act American when it matters most. This second chance is miraculous in its own right even though it derives from Americans’ failing miserably at being Americans writ large with their first chance, which was COVID-19, and which was actually a construct of enterprise fraud as I’ve dedicated so much time to evidencing and proving.

This second chance is represented by Proxy Joe Biden’s recent promise of a second pandemic as previously reported. For now, it appears that monkeypox is the construct’s plug-n-play virus and it’s right on time for the 2022 midterms; just as projected. I wrote about this second chance and these details recently: Hey America, You’re Actually Getting a Second Chance, Don’t Screw It up This Time.

The timely reminder and example of how to act like…

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