Crowd awaiting Naftogaz default: “Western lenders,” “international investors,” “Western bondholders,” “debtholders,” “creditors,” and “financiers.” Their law firm Dechert advised them to reject Ukraine’s offer-Wall St. Journal, Reuters

Impeach Obama, McCain and Boehner Today

“” investors voted against a proposal to delay paymentsby two years. Why are none of these investors named, but a law firm [Dechert LLP] that recommended they vote down the delay in payments is named?” commenter….Reuters: “Creditors of Ukraine’s state-owned energy firm Naftogaz have been urged to reject the company’s request this week for a two-year debt payment freeze…in a call organised by London-based legalfirm Dechert, which has been appointed by creditors….Many of the Naftogaz bondholders also lent money to the government,”

7/26/22,Ukraine’s State Energy Firm Nears Default After Failure to Pay Bondholders, Wall St. Journal, Caitlin Ostroff, Joe Wallace

“Kyiv vetoes payout after Naftogaz bondholders reject request to delay payments.”

“Ukraine’s NJSC Naftogaz said it was near default after the government rejected its request

to make payments to Western lenders.

The state energy company had sought the government’s…

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