Astrazeneca FOI: Not worth spitting on!


It’s strange to think that we are progressing toward some sort of communism which suggests, as Spock did in Star Trek, that “The good of the many outweighs the good of the few”, even considering that is what they say public health and getting your jab is all about. “Don’t be selfish! Protect your fellow man and protect the NHS! We need to protect everyone and that’s why you need to get the jab!”.

Yet, when it comes to the “public interest” in informing you, the public (i.e.’ the many’), your interest doesn’t hold as much weight as the government and corporations (‘the few’). Isn’t that an odd dichotomy?

Not really because, as I have said in the past somewhere on this blog, “National Security” and “The Public Interest” (or sometimes it’s called the “National Interest”) has nothing whatsoever to do with you and us as a public. It is…

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