Biden Inc. & Beijing

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The Heretic

Updated: 03/Mar/2022

Joe Biden has always claimed that China is not a threat, in fact he’s scoffed at the idea on numerous occasions. On the surface, that’s a really puzzling thing for Joe Biden to say, as China is America’s chief rival on the global stage, and nobody should know that better than Joe Biden.

During the Obama/Biden administration they publicly re-calibrated foreign policy to contain China, it was called ‘the pivot’, and yet China has never loomed larger in our lives; the economy, trade, espionage, military aggression, and now C-19. China has openly stated that they want to supplant the U.S. as the world’s superpower. Joe & Co didn’t just sell out America, they sold out the whole free world.

The Bidens arrive in Beijing, 2013

Money For Nothing?

In December, 2013, Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Beijing for a series of sensitive meetings with Chinese officials. The…

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