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Because the MSM doesn’t do any analysis or investigation beyond ‘fact checking’* any more, it falls to sad number crunchers like me (and often UKColumn, who excel at this) to point out the gigantic gaps and contradictions in official data. In recent years, such digging has focused almost entirely on health in general and virus/vaccination data in particular.

*A process via which the facts of a case are denied, and real ‘facts’ given out which then don’t check out either

What with all the unpleasantness going on between Sleazelenskyy and Rasputin at the moment, naturally eyes have been taken off the ball. Returning to the stats yesterday, however, I can now report that the numbers we’re being given show even more signs than before that they are – how can one put this? – counterintuitive.

Taking them one by one, if one has a hunch that early deaths are way…

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