SEEING 20/20

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Fighting Monarch

The worldwide use of cybernetics, as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is well documented.

You should never go to a doctor—because NSA, GCHQ, & MOSSAD use microwave harassment to drive you to pharmaceutical solutions that benefit their corporate masters.

Medicine is fascism pure and simple—where big government and big business team up to screw you over, with the help of education, while they collect and share your most personal information.

Medicine is a classic false flag attack where they take money from the taxpayer and give it to the government, which gives it to the lobbyists, while the military drives us to the ones who control the government through lobbying.

Big Pharma runs Washington so it can take your money!

Big Pharma runs television where they advertise their products!

Big Pharma controls the schools!

And Big Pharma lies behind the forced vaccinations.

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