The West’s Number One Threat is American Corruption.

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The number one threat to the peace and safety of the citizens of Great Britain, Europe, Canada, Japan, Australia New Zealand and the US is American Corruption and Arrogance.

The people who seem to think they own the American government have a Unipolar view and reject polite requests for a Multipolar one from several billion people around the world.

Victoria Spartz is a congresswoman from Indiana who was born in the Ukraine and has an undergraduate degree from Kiev University. She has a master’s degree from Indiana University. She is a CPA and real estate broker and was CFO for the Indiana Attorney General. She wants more controls on the money and weapons we send to the Ukraine. She has been condemned for that by Zelensky and both Republican and Democrat House leaders. These critics all benefit from profligate, unaudited spending.

The corporate press has been slow on reporting Ukrainian…

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