Catching Up On REAL News; Tamara Lich Is Now Free On Bail, AND The SCAMDEMIC Is Going From Bad To Worse With Their New “Monkeypox” BULLSHIT…


My apologies once again to m great readership…. I have been busy once again over these last few days catching up on some personal business, but have tried my best to fire off an article if and when I had the chance….

What this means in a nutshell is that I have fallen behind a bit on real pertinent news, especially about what has been happening here in Canada, AND some major news coming out about the Scamdemic as the psychos in charge are apparently going ‘all out’ now with their fraud ‘Monkeypox’

Therefore I will try to cover as much as I can about that real news that I may have missed in this one article… And that personal business is nearly cleared up now, and I will probably be getting back to writing multiple articles at this blog as early as tomorrow… Thanks everyone for your patience..


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