Journalists Emerge as Favored Attack Target for APTs


Since 2021, various state-aligned threat groups have turned up their targeting of journalists to siphon data and credentials and also track them.

Targeted phishing attacks are traced to multiple threat actors who have each independently focused on stealing credentials and sensitive data and tracking the geolocation of journalists.

In a Thursday report by Proofpoint, researchers outline individual efforts by advance persistent threat (APT) groups who they say are aligned with China, North Korea, Iran and Turkey. Attacks began in early 2021 and are ongoing, researchers said.

According to the report, the APTs are acting independently of each other but share the same overall goal of targeting journalists. Tactics are also similar, with threat actors targeting email and social-media accounts as phishing inroads in cyberespionage campaigns.

Often posing as journalists themselves, the threat actors have focused on phishing campaigns with the goal of credential harvesting, theft of data helpful to specific…

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