The Immunity of the Monarchy

in America, it seems there is a similar cryptic-immunity for the elite/donor/political class

Grouse Beater

The English Royal family – often give Scottish titles

The Guardian newspaper has been conducting a forensic investigation in the the monarchy’s officially sanctioned exceptions from normal laws, taxes to basic police enquiries. Their Scottish correspondent, Severin Carrell and his team haves been thumbing the documents and this is his latest findings published below.

The Queen has managed to secure immunity from almost everything the rest of us would face a court fine or a jail sentence had we transgressed the law. This includes hiding income in offshore tax havens, such as Panama, which the Queen did actually do and her Secretary excuse as an ‘oversight’ when the moral and ethical transgression was discovered and made public.The latest wheeze is being handed holdalls stuffed with cash, three million pounds sterling from a Qatari sheik, a transgression excused as of no great importance because the money went ‘straight to a…

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One thought on “The Immunity of the Monarchy

  1. Monarchs are far from immune but what makes the English (current) monarchy stand out is that they’ve endured at the expense of other Western/Central European monarchies having been culpable in their removal i.e., France, Portugal, Germany & Austria.

    As we reflect upon the 20th, 19th & earlier quarter century we’ve learned that the European monarchies are anything but “immune”.

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