Demonization of Group of White Men Protesting Drag Queen Story Hour in Jamaica Plain, MA

By: Eric

Jamaica Plain (JP) is quite familiar to me. It is my understanding that a group, organized elsewhere, came to JP to protest Drag Queen Story Hour. I have been away from the area however at this restaurant I just saw the local news report:

“Neon-Nazis Bring Hate to Jamaica Plain!”

“White Supremacists Attack Counter-Protesters!”

Etc, etc.

These local news reports are masters at the swindle. They showed very little footage of the scene today (which is widely available on Twitter, elsewhere).

What local news outlets do, is obfuscate and flummox.

Conflate, confound and contort.

They showed footage of Charlottesville, from 2017, to draw an association between the two events.

Charlottesville was a federally permitted event for the Unite the Right event to speak in support of preserving cultural landmarks.

Today’s protest was a group of men protesting the Drag Queen Story Hour.

Quite different events. Different causes. Like comparing apples to bowling balls bere.

The grooming of children must stop. The gender-expressive community of men, who dress in drag, have absolutely no fucking business whatsoever being anywhere near young children.

Yet, the men that dress in their drag – unbeknownst to them – are just useful idiots in a much larger, nefarious plot.

Drag Story Hour NYC, for instance, receives state-subsidized money to carry out their degenerate activities – money that is granted to this organization directly from City Council – which means that is TAXPAYER MONEY. NYC’s City Council has self proclaimed Marxist/Socialists in office (although all they are indeed are neoliberal globohomo-ists doing the work on behalf of the grand Zionist Internationalism plot).

I have examined the Form 990s of this nonprofit and the same cast of characters account for the source of their other donations/contributions. Let’s call them ADL-adjacent.

This is all being orchestrated to further destabilize “heteronormativity” – which healthy people call “normal.”

The boys that went to JP had some moxie – JP is the belly of the beast of radical “cultural Marxism” in New England. They were met with resistance – which is not a surprise.

I myself was accosted by Antifa and BLM in the very area these boys were in – back in 2015. So these boys were on the offensive, I applaud them, I tip my hat to them.

“PEDO SCUM OFF OUR STREETS” – can’t disagree with that.

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