Stop the World, I Want to Get Off


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Have you ever read an article and had a sort of epiphany at how accurately and succinctly the article summarises the thoughts and feelings you’ve been trying to process into some semblance of a defined idea, without actually realising it? This was me this morning, upon stumbling across this article by Mike Stone, published on

It is a harsh indictment upon society, friends, and family, it pulls no punches, but after two years of waiting for a spark of awakening among the masses, but seeing none as we enter round 3 of the plandemic – at what point do we stop waiting, stop accepting the ignorance, as one does with children, and start setting the record straight?

Do you believe that crisis reveals character?

If so, how would you judge the character of your family, friends, and co-workers over the last two years?

Did they recognize the virus hoax…

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One thought on “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks indeed for your post. I was slightly wrong footed at the start before the real stupidity got going. I reckon it was on 1st April 2020, April Fool’s Day. This has yet to end, and it has been a long day.

    I watched with increasing incredulity as friends and family lost the plot entirely. Indeed most o society. I could tell a few tales. As a consequence I wrote some posts to wake people up from their reverie. You might like them. Please use as you see fit.

    On the UK guidance. I tell people it’s all guidance, you don’t have to do it even if you have lost common sense.

    The true pandemic, what I call Stupid 20.

    Kind regards.

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