Guns Are Normal, Normal People Use Guns

Gun Culture 2.0

My involvement in gun culture has profoundly shifted my perspective on guns and gun owners.

Several years into my transition to gun owner and scholar, I was a guest on my fellow North Carolinian Sean Sorrentino’s GunBlog VarietyCast (since retired). Sean and I spoke about my background and project, and problems with academics’ dominant approaches to studying guns. When he asked me at the end for my big takeaway, I said something that turned out to be more significant than I expected.

The thing that has surprised me most about getting into gun culture these past 6 or 7 years is that gun owners are people, too. If you just read the scholarly literature on guns, you would not know that.

I have expressed this view in my own scholarly publications on guns, and over the years I have further refined this perspective into a sort of motto:


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