Exxon Mobil – Peak Oil and its Consequences

Myth of the 20th Century

Since the industrial revolution and the advent of fossil fuels in place of manual labor powering nearly all aspects of civilization from agriculture to transportation to manufacturing, human productivity and population have exploded, going from under 1 billion in 1750 to a projected population of 10 billion in 2100. In the 20th century, oil became the central resource to command national economies and armies alike, playing a central role in geopolitics to this day. But as the industry faces dwindling reserves and competing alternative technologies in the 21st century, companies like ExxonMobil stand out as an unashamed proponent of hydrocarbons, being America’s largest oil and gas company and one of its most profitable. As the primary heir to the Standard Oil legacy, the company offers a unique glimpse into what America used to be, and raises the question of how much longer that can remain the case.

Clarification: the United…

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