Cyber Intelligence

Emma Moon Research Portfolio


By Emma Moon / November 2020


Cyber threats are both national and homeland security issues and counterintelligence problems (ODNI 2021, n.p.). Political analysts share the view that Cyberspace is a source of real danger, questioning the effectiveness of our system against highly organized state actors (Buchanan 2020, n.p.). As the National Counterintelligence and Security Center points out, cybersecurity currently faces some challenges. The primary challenge is that an attack can occur without knowing it until after the act, sometimes even years later (ODNI 2021, n.p.). Therefore, intelligence activities aimed at identifying this type of threat are integral to our national security.

Activities related to intelligence include gathering, analyzing, and disseminating information. Intelligence activities play a fundamental role in maintaining national security because they ensure the safety of the data, collect, store, and use it for covert operations. Intelligence provided by the intelligence community assists all armed…

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