Is Humanity Morally Sustainable?: The Essential Nature of Communications



The Rosetta Stone

The vast information network that humans have constructed includes an innumerable amount of information sources. It is the the magnum opus of communications so far achieved by the species that designates itself homo sapiens, which, roughly translated means “all of the same intelligence (wisdom)”. The word “sapiens” originates from the Latin definition and assigned accordingly by biologists as all organisms have been given Latin nomenclature for the purposes of scientific designation. However, this rough definition scarcely provides adequate definition of the human race, even if one is to understand the etymology and purpose of its meaning. No single species can truly be characterized by two words, particularly not human beings. This is specifically why the invention of language was necessary to the evolution and advancement of humanity. The earliest recorded languages were established approximately 5K years ago originating from cuneiform text which largely consisted of symbols…

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