Exporting revolution (and liberty or not)

The Price of Liberty

A few days back, we discussed how, generally, the American people have failed to export our concept of liberty – the object of “The American Revolution” (more accurately The War of American Independence or the War of American Secession).

We noted that the American experiment was not the only one which has had little success in being exported. Let us discuss that now, as we finish the first week of July. Noting that we are less than a week from Bastille Day – that celebration of another revolution. And also, a revolution that was systematically exported time and again – and generally failed.

Let us consider first the Brits. We know that about a half-dozen peoples of different origins and histories combined (at least to some degree) to form modern Britain and the modern “British Race.” The various Gaels and Picts, a smattering of Latins, Saxons and Angles, later…

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