Farmers protest in the Netherlands receives support from 70 German tractors (German farmers)


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Farmers’ actions are becoming more and more anti-EU actions, will French and Belgium farmers join them soon?

Dozens of farmers gathered at the application center for asylum seekers in Ter Apel on Thursday afternoon. They reported to Ter Apel because they “no longer feel welcome”, according to a spokesperson. After more than an hour, the farmers left.
The farmers had gathered earlier in the day in a farmer’s yard in nearby Bourtange. The group then went by tractor to Ter Apel. There they parked on the verge of a road running past the application center.

Seventy tractors from Germany

According to the organization, about seventy tractors from Germany drove with the group, including from Bremen. “They want to support us in our fight against the government,” said the spokesman. He is referring to the government’s nitrogen policy, which has been protested against by farmers for weeks.

playful action

The farmers…

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