CROSSROADS: ‘The End of Western Civilization’, Why It Lacks Resilience & What Will Take Its Place – By Michael Hudson


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  • “…The New Cold War is dividing the world into two contrasting economic systems..NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine against Russia is the catalyst fracturing the world into two opposing spheres with incompatible economic philosophies…To save themselves from being swept into the whirlpool of economic destruction now engulfing the West, countries in the world’s rapidly growing Eurasian core are developing new economic institutions based on an alternative social and economic philosophy”

The End of Western Civilization – Why It Lacks Resilience, and What Will Take Its Place

Michael Hudson’s Major Lecture at the Global University in China on July 11th, 2022 – and posted with Dr Hudson’s permission

Why it lacks resilience, and What will take its place[1]

The greatest challenge facing societies has always been how to conduct trade and credit without letting merchants and creditors make money by exploiting their customers and debtors. All antiquity recognized…

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