“Meritorious Vacuum” • Ron DeSantis for President in 2024

By: Eric

Vacuum Concept in Physics

In school, physics class, we completed exercises and it was commonly noted these laws of physics exist “in a vacuum“.

An example; an object that falls through a vacuum is subjected to only one external force, gravity, so be it a cotton ball or marble, the free fall is only determined by gravitational force. Both objects will have equal acceleration – 9.8 meters per square second – in the vacuum.

Outside the vacuum, weight, size, shape, friction, elevation levels, mass/density, etc – of course will affect the rate of acceleration in free fall of the cotton ball vs the marble.

Politics Does Not Take Place in a Vacuum

American leadership is plagued, beyond redemption, by outside factors: elections, policy enactment, partisanship, “special interests”, ideological frameworks, current events, social issues, media pressure, economic conditions, geopolitical matters, disinformation, misinformation, bias, hyperbole, rumors, speculation, lies, ugly truths – there is no vacuum.

Alot of us have been left with the notion political theatre is indeed “fake and gay” – some of us feel the two-party system is a smoke screen for that both parties at the end of the day work in concert with one another. The Establishment, it is indeed. This malfeasance that is our reality gets depressing so I will utilize the vacuum concept to state my case for why Ronald DeSantis is a meritoriously fit candidate for president.

In this hypothetical vacuum, meritocracy is the one force.

Real Commander in Chief: Military Service Required

The President serves as Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. The boss. The boss must have the experience when it comes to the nature of the work at hand of his subordinates. This goes for any profession. A real boss knows how to run that shit for he did it himself. Think of the expanse of the military population – they take a fellow comrade seriously and deem them on the same page versus a civilian that has zero military experience. We can pose this question to soldiers. I am confident they would agree. It has been said there is an irrevocable sense of respect, dignity, honor, loyalty that soldiers have for one another. Again, this may occur in a vacuum. Military authority must be delegated by a supreme commander who is a military man.

DeSantis served in the US Navy and this began in 2004. He earned the rank of Lieutenant Commander. He fulfilled various duties within his service with the Navy. He was deployed to Iraq in 2007. There are accolades he earned that I am not qualified to expand upon, regardless, he is an accomplished military man. He is a soldier. He is initiated.

Lt. Commander DeSantis, in this vacuum, is meritoriously qualified.


Mechanics of Law: Executive Orders & Veto Power – Juris Doctorate & Bar Certification Required (Attorney)

Amongst other executive functions, the President has two – again, in a vacuum – carte blanche powers.

One of these is the capacity to enact Executive Orders. Executive orders are issued by the President of the United States, acting in his capacity as head of the executive branch, directing a federal official or administrative agency to engage in a course of action or refrain from a course of action. They are enforceable to the extent that the represent a valid exercise of the President’s power (i.e. the action must be within the president’s constitutional authority).

The other is Veto Power. The President of the United States of America has the power of the veto, which means he can stop legislation from becoming law. The president’s veto power is just one of the many separations of power, or “checks and balances” of the United States government. The legislative, judicial, and executive branches make up our government’s separation of power.Both the House of Representatives and Senate (collectively known as Congress) vote on bills to become law. When the House of Representatives proposes and then passes a bill, it continues on to the Senate. If the Senate also passes the bill, then the bill continues on to the president, who either signs it into law, or does not sign and vetoes the bill.

Governor DeSantis earned his Juris Doctorate and was also accepted to the bar as a practicing attorney. The reason why this merit is essential is that executive orders, veto power – the application of these functions – remember in a vacuum – it is absolutely essential that the person with this magnitude of decision making authority understands the language of the law. This is what the entire government, three branches of government is all about – under the Constitution:

  • Legislative—Makes laws (Congress, comprised of the House of Representatives and Senate)
  • Executive—Carries out laws (president, vice president, Cabinet, most federal agencies)
  • Judicial—Evaluates laws (Supreme Court and other courts)

The keyword here is LAW. I hold the belief that in order to craft, propose, assess, examine, evaluate, author, interpret, pass, veto the law – the individual must be equipped with the education with which laws are written (for the notion of enacting policy is literally activating legislation – bringing something into law). Beyond the education, which occurs in a two-dimensional setting in essence (books, exams, writing papers, etc) – practical experience as a bar certified attorney is necessary. This is the same notion that a person aspiring to be a rocket scientist must first pass core science classes (physics, organic chemistry,etc) before they are launching rockets thru the stratosphere.

Ronald DeSantis, Esquire, in this vacuum, has satisfied the called for basis of merit.


Real World Governmental Experience: Prior Posts as a Statesman

The President is the chief of the military and has certain authorities to take actions immune to governmental dissent , in a vacuum remember.

The federal government has alot, an awful lot of moving parts. There are the three branches, Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The innards of each branch are complex. We have the Cabinet, committees, agencies – pretty massive.

In summary, Ron DeSantis is a former Congressman. In 2012 he was elected as a member of the House of Representatives from Florida. Within this realm, he gained first hand exposure to the legislative process – to the mechanics of passing law. At the federal level. It goes without saying that this experience calls for partisanship; loyalty to party will consequentially collide with “what is best for everyone” – but that is the very divisive aspect of “rules based international order of democracy” of which my disdain will be saved for later blog entries. Right now I am focusing on the vacuum.

Ronald DeSantis worked in the House of Representatives, he was on various congressional committees, he did the work.

Ultimately, this paved a path to his gubernatorial candidacy and inevitable election to Governor of Florida. It is here in his role as governor, he is enacting masterful policy. Yes, this is my opinion. He is able to do so for no one can call into question his meritorious statecraft.

This nation has huge fucking problems. Bleeding resources into the bankers wars. ZOG. Radical black blocs (not real anarchists) bringing ruin to small businesses. Quantitative easing. Conservatives drawn to the Qanon psyop which directs their angst into the “satanic baby eating cabal” which conveniently redirects them from any semblance of their own racial awakening. Malicious vaccines being pushed for the batflu – with a $25 CVS gift card as incentive. Fuel costs are out of control and the (((speculators))) benefit. We are on the verge of the real World War Three. The Deep Fakes are coming. Politicians are rotten.

Yeah, it’s political theatre. Yes. However I believe in the power of a vacuum. It can come and clean alot of shit up real quick. DeSantis could be the man we need.

Or…vacuum or not, he might still suck

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    When I wrote this, it is meant to focus on the Governor’s “metadata” – that is, objectively his military service, Juris Doctorate and his experience in public office… attributes that must be mandatory for eligibility to run for POTUS


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