The Pure Reactionary


The Left has done so much damage so quickly that many people find it hard to develop a coherent alternative worldview to oppose it. I think there’s an easy and obvious one (Christianity), but for those who oppose the Left but merely like the forms of European, Christian civilization without believing in Christ, there’s a strong temptation to become a Pure Reactionary, a term I’m just inventing for convenience for this post. I’ll be contrasting them with another term I’m inventing, the Conservative Coward. As I indicated by citing Christianity itself, there are other responses to Leftism but the Pure Reactionary and Conservative Coward are probably the two dominant forms, the former growing faster every month and the latter dying out.

As I said in a previous post, I think Gab is great and I’m glad that it’s a genuine free speech platform. That means, however, that you’re going to…

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