Jail Shit: Tribalism, Inmate Etiquette, Slang, Rituals, Nick Cannon Paradox, Real-Time Surveillance, Sheriff’s Political Nepotism – Part One of Three

Working on two pieces on Woke-Davos-Zionism type shit right now, for the World is on Fire and we all know no one in any position of power is going to put out the flames:

  • Ideological origins of the Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (Kabbalah/Sacred Geometry/Internationalism)
  • Censor-Veillance: the Bridge between Israel-Big Tech-Five Eyes-DHS

These are massive pieces that require alot of bibliographic work, so in the meantime, I give you less glamorous musings – JAIL SHIT.

“Nigga, I remember when Walpole, used to be WALPOLE YA HEARD ME?!?!? Then I was down on Mass Ave seen my old celly dressed like a weird tranny, nigga, PRONOUNS ALL UP IN THE DRESS!!!

-“Spider” – OG Crip from [redacted], Cell 24

Carte Blanche:

Let me make this perfectly clear: tribalism is the overarching, carte blanche authority in the jails. Tribalism keeps the peace. Tribalism does not forbid a member of the Black tribe to conduct business with a member of the White tribe. Tribalism is interchangeable with Order. Order makes the jail run as smoothly as one can ask for, given the crazy circumstances of being locked up. Tribes are defined by race. Race is determined the old-fashioned way – by using one’s eyes to take a look at a person. When a bunch of people understand Order and they also have eyes to see, there is no obstacle in the way of acknowledging Objective Reality. There are no HBD laboratories focusing on purity spirals and that stupid shit as to define what makes a White person White, just as there are no weird yentas preaching about social constructs and 1619 projects classifying what makes a Black person Black, a Spanish person Spanish. Some people out there call it Race Realism, in-group preference, whatever the buzzwords. In the jails, we don’t call it anything. IT IS WHAT IT MOTHERFUCKING IS YA HEARD ME DAWG?. And if some sort of bowling-ball-for-a-body-shaped-soyjak wants to challenge the authority of tribalism, that nigga is getting checked off the block.


Or tribalism. It is embedded into every last aspect of the day to day routine. When a new inmate arrives on the block, he is welcomed first by members of his race. Hispanics Spanish greet the Hispanics Spanish. Whites with Whites. Blacks with Blacks. There are designated leaders of each race, let’s call them tribes. Each tribe has its leader.

The pre-trial block I was in, the leader of the Whites was the dude that had been there the longest. He was there on a drug trafficking charge. He was roughly 40 years old, married, had kids and in jail: he ran a store(more to come on “stores”), he gave haircuts (with a comb and razor), he never did the cooking (again, more to come) and he was the dude that checked out a new inmate’s paperwork to make sure they weren’t a rat or a weird sex offender. Once the paperwork was checked out he hooked up the new inmate with necessities. A bag of coffee, powdered creamer, sugar packets. Shower shoes. A pair of Reebok Classics if he had a pair in the new inmate’s foot size. Real deodorant, toothpaste, floss-picks. A deck of cards. Paper and a pen. Soups, crackers, maybe some sweets. This is how it is done with all the races, only, I am not part of the other races therefore I did not go through their specific vetting process. For instance, the Black dudes alot of them are gang. They have tattoos, certain handshakes, coded language exchanged to see what set they bang. Alot of these dudes leave that street shit on the outs – in jail everyone is on the same team: inmates vs the system. The Spanish dudes also have their own rite of passage. First, they speak Spanish with the new inmate. Also, alot of the Spanish dudes might have grown up in the United States, however they identify as Columbian. Or Puerto Rican. Mexican. Peruvian. They have their own codes and ways of handling shit.

When they play basketball, it was often 3 on 3. The teams were always 3 Spanish v 3 Blacks. Or 3 Whites v 3 Spanish. Whatever. Dudes don’t play basketball with teammates outside their tribe. Also cellmates. The jail operations use segregation, first by tribe, then by the nature of the dude’s offender record. This means that two Spanish dudes will be paired together as cellmates, then their charges will be similar. You won’t find a cell with a dude there for a driving on suspended license paired with someone there for attempted murder. It’s more like two dudes, one with trafficking charge, his celly with grand theft auto.

The same thing goes for the televisions, the showers and the phones. Each tribe has designated phones they can use. Three televisions in the unit so one for the White dudes, in one corner of the large rec room. One in the other corner for the homies. One in a different corner for the Chicanos. Of course, any dude is free to watch one of the different televisions – however – a dude visiting that other tribe’s television has absolutely no say on what channel, the volume and you best believe the motherfucking remote control. The leader of each tribe holds the remote control, decides who within his tribe gets to use the remote and who doesn’t.

Inmate Etiquette:

One might be surprised how civilized a bunch of law abiding criminals handle themselves, in a controlled environment, with very limited means of stimulation. It’s all about respect. Give respect, get respect. It’s that simple.

Hygiene: this is the top thing. Inmates must shower at least once per day. It’s respect. No one wants their nose disrespected, it’s just how it goes.

Other People’s Property: one must never just put their hands on another motherfucker’s stuff. It’s that simple. Must ask first. Otherwise a dude runs the risk of getting beat up. Right there on the spot, it’s the rules.

Gambling: there was a big poker table in the pre-trial unit I was in. Now, not just anyone can sit down and start playing. Must get vetted to make sure money is on the books (in commissary account) or that the dude has canteen items (food, toiletries, stationary, stamps) to use as gambling fodder. Sometimes a dude gains the trust of another inmate and that inmate will front some money. But it’s all a hustle. Nine out of ten times, the money is fronted with points, haha, (((usury))) yes sir. Either way, the one who made the loan gets a cut of the gambling proceeds or gets vig on the loan amount. Fights break out all the time due to debts.

Conversations: when two people are having a discussion, unless an inmate is tight with those two, it’s mad rude to just cut in and share in the dialogue. To inmates, this is called ear-hustling. It means the interjecting inmate was likely eavesdropping and this is out of line. That nigga gonna get get lit up.

That’s another thing. Black, Spanish and White dudes are all in the unit together, sharing in the struggle of having their freedom taken from them, for this is the rules of the system. Tribalism is at the core of jail politics. But words like dude, bro, brah, nigga, mans, dawg, G, OG, B, brother, brotha, boss, chief, homey, brother-man, kid, etc are all interchangeable. In jail, there is no stigma with the word nigga. In the pre-trial block I was in, there ain’t no such thing as racism. Not a single motherfucker took any type of gesture the wrong way. The ADL’s hate speech branding and marketing has no place in there.

There are a ton of other things in there that are basic common sense: don’t cut in line, don’t be overly obnoxious and loud, don’t take someone’s seat without asking first, don’t leave a mess at the table, etc.

All these dudes is just trying to get through their bid as smoothly as possible. The pre-trial unit is more heated than the sentenced block. Emotions running on high, this is because it’s “pre-trial” – dudes in there are there on a probation violation (my situation), bail revocation, not yet posted bail after an arrest, drug court, etc. Also, there is no classification in pre-trial. This means you have dudes with minor offenses, if you will, like drunk driving, drug possession, destruction of property (me), larceny etc bunched in with dudes on more serious charges like trafficking, illegal weapon possession, murder, arson, etc. Most everyone is at the mercy of the slow grinding gears of “justice” and their future is uncertain. Some might get bailed out today at 4pm. Others might have a court date coming up in a month. And still, some might be looking at 10, 12, 15, 20+ year sentences and niggas be stressing.

Allegedly. Charges are alleged. All motherfuckers are guilty until proven innocent. This is Weimerica after all.


Racism does not exist on the block I was on. Every last person in there knew they were there for they got caught up in the system. Drug charges, assault, larceny, unlawful weapon possession. The reason I say racism does not exist is because not a single motherfucker in there thought that some White dude was getting over on a Black dude for an extra state tray of food, because the runner handing out trays was a White dude. The extra tray goes to whomever waits nearest the tray cart until the end of chow. That is because there is the international rules-based order of globohomo-democracy TRIBALISM.

Some dude wants to cry about some fictitious “social construct”?? THAT NIGGA GETTIN CHECKED OFF THE BLOCK..

Part Two to come…

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