The Gender Crisis in the Era of the Phrygian Mother

by Alessandro Napoli

Zeus and Hera, Pallas Athena Fountain, Vienna.


Since the dawn of the last century, the society has been hit by a deep and gradual crisis of values that has touched multiple aspects of life, from the world of work to family stability, from community relations to the same individual who has been disintegrating into multiple “Egos” conflicting between them. The leitmotif of this era, in which the world around us is shredded into fragments poorly coordinated, while our individual lives are fragmented into a succession of episodes badly connected to each other, was presented to us as an added value, something to enjoy and passed off as a false myth of progress: the fluidity of both work and human relationships.

On the one hand, as Z. Bauman points out, the Welfare State, which is the extreme and modern embodiment of the idea of community, which promotes…

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