3 thoughts on “Solar Cross Event

  1. This is actually a rainbow in its true form, unbeknownst to most people “rainbows” are not arcs but rather have a Halo effect…

    Within most cases atmospheric distortion lends most viewers to only ever witness “arcs” of refracted light in very rare cases is the full Halo visible.

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    1. Right on, it seemed cool ..also, I am having an issue with Comment Moderation, people’s comments are being held for moderation..I thought I fixed it…

      Also, I am nearly close to posting a post I’ve been working on and had been working on before I went away ..it’s on the direct links between the likes of the ADL, the GIFCT, GNET, RUSI, Five Eyes and the UN —>> the origins of the DHS “Disinformation Governance Board” …and how right now, it being revamped to be headed up by Michael Chertoff, the author of the PATRIOT Act…and proud Zionist

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      1. Yes, not only that I am not receiving notifications in the bell either whereas in the past it would be lit up every time you commented or replied as well this comment was not sent to my e-mail either, I only just saw it because I clicked the post.

        As always I prefer it when actually write a post rather than re-blog, keep it up. I know you think re-blogging is important but I am stickler for content cohesion & overall consistency of expression.


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