The Final Solution for the Church of the Woke Crowd #cancelEnglish

The sun never set on the British Empire, it was said.

Via British ‘imperialist, colonization’ endeavors, the use of the English language was spread.

Hence, this is why the English language is the most used language worldwide, to this day.

All of the racist, bigoted, ableist, ageist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, xenophobic, etc acts of domestic terrorism, that shake the sacred democracy, are due to the continued use of the White Supremest English language.

Cancel English….and all of your troubles become subdued.

4 thoughts on “The Final Solution for the Church of the Woke Crowd #cancelEnglish

  1. Political Correctness is the Newspeak of the modern age, though I think the whole house of cards is on the wane. The whole, “You’ll own nothing and be happy.” claptrap is a delusion only its believers will gravitate toward. I’m thinking of folks who are tied to technology to the extent where it is their end all/be all “God.” They who fall easy prey to the Metaverse, Vaxx-DNA-hacks, collectivist talking points swallowing up folkish traditions/tribes to be spat out as commodified Hollywoodized icons…

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  2. The politically correct subversion of our language has cowered our folk (whites) into submission: i.e “How can one selectively interpret the “noun suffix” ‘ist’ to mean “hate” when in fact.. It means “love” Cycl‘ists love to cycle! novel‘ists love to write! Pian‘ists love to play music! So! .. Rac’ists.. “love”..“Race”! while Zio-Global‘ists love Zio-international‘ists = (((Jewish Central Banking))). This is why (((they))) program the masses to become “anti racists” which is (((their))) systemic contradiction making the masses and self hating whites, not just “racially ignorant” while being programmed with a deep rooted guilt complex in “total ignorance” which makes them “scared” of the facts which is a mental state of Cognitive dissonance.

    We are being reprogrammed to view our homeland “Europe”… as NOT White!!!”

    This is the slow kill policy of Politically correctness (cultural Marxism) which is the trigger to incite hate, it is the double speak, double standard, slow kill contradiction that gives latitude to anyone other than Europeans/Caucasoid/white, even though globally we only represent 8% of the world population, 2% of which is of child bearing age…This makes us a dying minority.

    So according to (((them))) having a fact based opposing opinion in self defence is no defence…

    It’s just racist and hate!

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