“Population Reduction” is Not About the Size of the Population

By: Eric

Depopulation targets the viability and credibility of the most capable and competent people walking this earth. In the sense of the word people, I mean civilizational collectives that densely populate varying geographical areas of the planet. Nations. Races. Faiths.

There is power in the phrase “Blood and Soil”. The notion that one’s identity, one’s blood, is that of others of their own race – and a nation is the continuum of that blood interlaced with an obedience to nature, nature being the land upon which the nation exists. The soil; the settlement area of the nation. The bond between Blood and Soil makes so much sense that it is dangerous. It is dangerous to those who wish to strip you of your identity. And any reference to national identity is tantamount to HATE. They call it HATE. Decades of news media, books, academic coursework materials, movies, TV shows, magazines, comic books, Broadway plays, radio broadcasts, music – all crafted by the like-minded elites, who share an agenda, to call your credibility into question. Slander, smear, obfuscate, conflate, twist and contort YOUR IDENTITY via these communication mediums as one of HATE. This has been underway for at least one hundred years and it has been directed at the same capable and competent people.

This system wants to destroy us. Never forget it.

4 thoughts on ““Population Reduction” is Not About the Size of the Population

  1. Blut und Boden = Unsere Heimat (Our Homeland).

    This is the German conceptualization deeply rooted in the more broadly Germanic tradition which was revived with Romantic Pan-German Völkisch movements of the 19th century.

    Outside of how Western MSM has sensationalized these intrinsically Noble values make no mistake that it was held from Roman influence as well, which had great continuity within the Germanic tribes of Mitteleuropa following the dissolution of the Western Roman Empire.

    Jus sanguinis & Jus Soli in tandem of one another, in recent years the EU has been adamant at redacting the 1st clause in favor of just “Soil” without blood ties, only a few nations fought to keep the former – Italy, Austria & Denmark.

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