Genocide is Frequent.


Proof of a Massive Irish Genocide Using 69 British Regiments 100 000 to 200 000 Troops.

The Majority of the red coats violent history from Oliver Cromwell to date violence was directed on civilians more than an enemy with good training and well stocked arsenals etc.. The combination of colonial wars where redcoats famine as in India and New France or the distant past where the Cromwell troops killed 20 % of Irish reducing the native population to 500 000 and the white slavery of the Irish which did the back breaking slave labour of America. Also the Indian people report they never had famines but when England came then came famines.

The American revolution was in my opinion a pre planned event and the occult predators created the quick riches of the whaling industry 1690 under Icabod paddock see 1 Samual Chapt 4.. With the murder of and…

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