Nationalized Project to Rehabilitate the Power Grid in America is Vital for Infrastructure and Real Labor Economy

There are phases to the ultimate implementation of a project of this scale that would call for the employment of millions, possibly more.


Design: the design of a massive overhaul of our existing system is a major undertaking. There is much to consider. Within the design phase, the integration of improved components and other materials will be of high priority. The design phase will call for countless jobs. Men and women will both be involved, as both men and women are academically and professionally qualified for this undertaking.

Testing: before a nation-wide overhaul, there will be the need for testing the mechanisms that will be involved in this overhaul. This phase calls for jobs to be created.

Implementation: once the testing is successful, here comes the unprecedented largest infrastructure overhaul project, for the entire nation, the largest project our country has seen in decades. There will be the need for millions of jobs to be created here, as the technical aspects of such a project are wide in scope.

Maintenance: once the new, nationalized power system is officially up and running, the maintenance of the system will be a permanent fixture. This means that there will be qualified technicians (electricians, for instance) that will monitor the grid 24/7/365. Countless jobs…in urban, suburban and urban areas throughout America.

Enhancement: as improved technologies emerge, those that would directly enhance the operational aspects of the grid, these will need to be integrated into the existing infrastructure. Again, this doesn’t happen by snapping one’s fingers. Jobs will be created, as there will be the need for men and women to physically integrate (install) these new components.

This is the type of project that America needs to revitalize our needed infrastructure, as well as the REAL economy. Not the Wall Street financialization of fictitious asset bubbles.

The REAL ECONOMY. The employment of countless Americans will improve their financial well-being. And therefore – those Americans will have improved spending power and can seek local, family owned businesses to purchase the goods that they need for everyday living.

8 thoughts on “Nationalized Project to Rehabilitate the Power Grid in America is Vital for Infrastructure and Real Labor Economy

  1. I’m largely wary of the energy industry. It’s also beyond my acumen to diagnose where honest appraisals begin and end. What I do know, is that in the great tradition of controlling both sides of the opposition- Maine’s energy output is entirely fiancianalised. To the point where some solar farmers are calling it quits. Anyway. I didn’t come here to disagree with you principally, and I’m not. Jobs are needed.
    Rather I’d like to ask you what Massachusetts is saying about the CMP Energy Corridor? You’ve evidently discussed this with TLAMN guy. Unless I misread his message, which is of course possible. I am not yet fully conversant with the particulars of his vernacular.

    I tell you what. My concerns with the current power debacle is it strikes me as a vehicle for more zoggery to enter Maine. See the “retroactive law” debate, its potential applications should be seen as startling. And, they’re not immediately obvious because of the vector through which they enter our largely clinically retarded public conscience. People will vote in layman’s terms. And EVERYONE hates CMP. With good reason. So a lot of folk will vote to nail them to a cross – and I don’t blame them, in theory.

    That, and, frankly, the unsustainability of our current “building” trajectory. There is obviously no long-term plan, other than the standalone goal of making life unbearable for long-term native citizens through the exacerbation of the usual means. So, you get the corridor. There’s your precedent for tearing up the Northwoods.

    That was a shitshow of a message. I should apologise, but you’ve opened the floor with this. There are not many with whom I can discuss such things frankly, as those with a mind to are sufficiently far enough away as to render their opinion void, or those nearabouts have little interest in speculation into these matters.

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      1. Yes sir, absolutely! Also, I saw your comment on my Energy Project Nationalization….I will reread it and give an appropriate reply…you raised many points about the factors at play…


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